AI Could Take Over the Workforce: Here Are the Professions Most Likely to Feel its Effects

By: Lauren | Published: Dec 14, 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is expanding at an exponential rate. AI software is now readily available, easy to use, and can do most of what a human could do. 

However, while many people see these new AI technologies as fantastic tools, others are worried about how the software will affect their jobs. 

Will AI Take Over Human Jobs?

The truth is that AI has already and will likely continue to “take over” several human-based professions. 

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In fact, the UK Department of Education released a study that reported that AI can completely automate 10%-30% of occupations. So, let’s find out which professions are most likely to be affected by AI. 

AI Is Most Likely to Affect White-Collar Occupations

According to this study, the vast majority of the jobs AI can already accomplish are considered white-collar positions. 

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Specifically, AI language models are proving to be especially competent and comparable to a real human. Therefore, jobs that use human reasoning and language are the most vulnerable to an AI takeover. 

Telemarketers Will Certainly See AI Replacing Humans

First, there is telemarketing or telephone sales. AI software can now model, mimic, and predict human language, so it can have the same conversation a human can have on the phone. 

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Over recent years, there has already been quite a move toward automated telemarketing and customer service over the phone, but with the newer models such as Google Bard and ChatGPT, it will certainly increase. 

This Once Widely Respected Profession Could Also Be in Trouble

For decades, if not centuries, being a lawyer has been considered one of the most challenging and respected jobs in society. 

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But now that several AI software can write up legal documents and give detailed legal advice, the profession will almost definitely see its effects in the near future. 

Many Students Don’t Need Real-Life Teachers Anymore

The study from the Department of Education in the UK says that “Teaching occupations show higher exposure to AI, where the application of large language models is particularly relevant.”

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Essentially, students of all ages can now use AI to learn, and as AI language models become more and more detailed and personalized, those who work as teachers will undoubtedly see a downturn in job availability. 


Personal Assistants Should Absolutely Worry About AI

Another occupation that will see the effects of growing AI technologies is professional and personal assistants. 

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Now that AI models can schedule, answer questions, speak with clients, and essentially complete all administrative work, some may opt for an AI assistant over a real one. 


No One Will Need a Human for Their Mental Health Questions

Psychologists work day in and day out to ensure their patients feel cared for and heard. However, now, it seems that an AI can do everything a psychologist can do. 

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Language models can answer questions, ask questions, get to know a person, and give helpful advice, tips, and kind words of support. The UK study actually reported that psychology is in the top five professions in regard to exposure to AI. 


Accountants & Payroll Managers Are Also Top of the List

Also within the top five jobs that are and will be exposed to AI are accountants or payroll managers. 

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Essentially, any job that focuses on numbers and organization is in trouble as many AI software can complete these tasks perfectly in seconds.


Even Marketing Professionals Could Experience the Effects of AI

Those who work in the field of marketing have long been revered for their understanding of the human mind, including its wants and needs. 

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But now, it seems that several AI models can do the exact same thing; they can predict not only the current but also the future of human preferences in specific areas, counties, or even around the world. 


All Jobs that Utilize Computers Are at Stake

In summation, the UK Department of Education study explains that jobs that use computers are the most likely to replace human beings with AI software. 

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Essentially, white-collar jobs and occupations that require a higher degree of learning. On the other hand, blue-collar jobs that require employees to work with their hands are the least likely to be affected by AI technology. 


Don’t Panic Yet

While this data can seem overwhelming, it’s important not to panic and switch careers tomorrow. 

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Although models such as ChatGPT and Google Bard are improving at an impressive rate, it’s still unlikely that any jobs or human beings will be completely obsolete in the near future.