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After Ordering A $16 McDonald’s Combo Meal, This Man Documents It And TikTok Is Divided

Source -@topherolive / TikTok

With rising costs, it seems that gone are the days of reaching in your glove box for some loose change to get a burger off the dollar menu.

TikToker Topher Olive was recently an unfortunate victim of inflation’s insidious appetite

He was taken aback after purchasing a McDonald’s combo meal for a whopping $16.10 (taxes included). Topher is from Idaho, and he decided to share a video on TikTok talking about his meal. The video quickly went viral and sparked a flurry of opinions from fast foodies.

Topher, or ‘@topherolive’ on TikTok, wasn’t shy about throwing shade at McDonald’s, noting, “I understand that there’s a labor shortage and wage increases, and so on, but $16? Seriously?!”

The video showed Topher’s order — a Smoky BLT Quarter Pounder with cheese, a large fry, and a Sprite.

TikTokers were quick to point out that Topher had ordered the pricier items on the menu. However, there was also a general consensus that inflation was an issue and continues to pose significant challenges in the restaurant industry.

Anyone who consistently eats at McDonald’s, or other fast-food chains, knows that they increased their prices in 2021 to account for inflation and rising labor costs.

The video has now garnered more than 700k views, sparking a decent mix of reactions from viewers. However, while a number of people had strong opinions about inflation, most people shared the same feelings as Topher.

One TikToker commented, “It’s no longer affordable or convenient, that’s for sure.”

Someone else added, “At this rate, it would cost you less to get some decent hamburger meat from the store.”

And though it was easy to see from scrolling through the comments that most people were frustrated about the high prices of fast food items, not all TikTokers were sympathetic to his drive-thru surprise.

One user commented, “Bruh. How can you be surprised when you ordered the most expensive meal?”

Someone else roasted Topher for not having used the McDonald’s app for potential discounts, saying, “Dude should have used the app.”

Others put their two cents in, with one guy noting, “For $16, you could have gone to a sit-down spot!”

It often seems the case that once companies set higher prices, they become more unlikely to revert them. One TikToker even noted, “ McDonald’s knows it can charge these prices now. Why would they ever go back?.”

It’s worth noting that Toper said home-cooked meals account for 90% of his cooking.

Many other TikTokers echoed the same sentiment, acknowledging that people will have to start relying more on home-cooked meals if they want to save money. One person even shared a similar experience, saying, “I had the same issue. What sucks is that the portion sizes aren’t larger or better.”

The impact that inflation is having on our eating habits will only become more significant over time, and with rising costs, many people are starting to question the affordability of dining out altogether, even at fast food chains.

Written By Lauren Wurth

Lauren Wurth is a content team member who is passionate about sharing engaging content! She has a history of writing content for retail, lifestyle, and entertainment verticals. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family, stopping by Dunkin Donuts for a coffee, and exploring other parts of the world.

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