A Woman’s Stunning Discovery of a Vera Wang Wedding Dress at a Thrift Store Goes Viral

By: Julia Mehalko | Published: Jun 24, 2024

A woman’s discovery of a Vera Wang wedding dress while shopping at Goodwill has left her stunned — and resulted in her finding going viral.

Social media users were quick to comment on her story, especially as the woman revealed why she didn’t immediately decide to buy her dream wedding dress.

An Unexpected Find

Agnes, also known as TikToker @godtier.agnes, uploaded a video on June 11 to share her most recent find while shopping at Goodwill.

An exterior view of a Goodwill store with cars parked out front.

Source: Rick Obst/Wikimedia Commons

Agnes normally posts about her thrift shopping, sharing with her many followers what she discovers in various different thrift stores. However, she didn’t expect to stumble upon a designer wedding gown.


A Vera Wang Discovery

Next to an old donated electric keyboard, Agnes discovered a Vera Wang wedding dress. Many people adore Vera Wang’s wedding dresses and will spend hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars to wear one during their special day.

A close-up of many white wedding dresses on a clothing rack.

Source: Dan LeFebvre/Unsplash

Many celebrities, such as Ariana Grande and Victoria Beckham, wore a Vera Wang gown on their own wedding day.

A Dream Wedding Dress

In her initial TikTok video, Agnes showed her followers the Vera Wang wedding dress hanging up on a rack at Goodwill.

A Vera Wang wedding dress as seen in a TikTok video.

Source: @godtier.agnes/TikTok

In her caption of the video, she wrote, “I think I found my dream Vera Wang wedding dress at the thrift store.”

Finding Rare Items at a Local Thrift Store

After discovering this rare find at Goodwill, Agnes opened up about how fun it was for her to find this amazing item while shopping.

An exterior shot of a Goodwill store seen in the daytime.

Source: Michael Rivera/Wikimedia Commons

She explained that “it was a surreal moment for me, both finding the dress and being able to share it with an audience.”

Did She Buy the Dress?

Though Agnes claimed that this was her dream wedding dress, just sitting there at Goodwill, she also revealed that she didn’t buy it — as she’s not getting married.

A TikTok screenshot of the back of a Vera Wang wedding gown.

Source: @godtier.agnes/TikTok

Agnes explained this decision, saying, “Because I’m not getting married, I didn’t get it right away, but I did get a video of the dress for memory.”


A High Price at Goodwill

Another reason she didn’t feel comfortable buying this luxury designer wedding dress? The high price. Social media users were aghast when they watched her video and realized that the dress was priced at $749.99.

A TikTok screenshot of the price of a Vera Wang wedding gown.

Source: @godtier.agnes/TikTok

As this was a used item being sold at a thrift store, many users commented that it had an extremely expensive price tag.


Too Much for a Vera Wang at a Thrift Store

One user commented, “It’s gorgeous, and I know its Vera Wang, but $750 is too much.”

A close-up of different wedding gowns.

Source: Anna Docking/Unsplash

Meanwhile, another TikTok commenter said, “Makes me mad that they got that for free and they’re selling it for $750.”


Returning to the Dress

Though Agnes didn’t buy this wedding dress right away, she did post a TikTok video about her discovery.

A black and white photo of people shopping in a Goodwill.

Source: Sean Benesh/Unsplash

Agnes also posted a later video in which she returned to Goodwill to actually try on her dream wedding dress. During this trip, she realized that the thrift store had slashed the price down to $199.99.


A Viral Find

Agnes’ initial video detailing her discovery of this Vera Wang wedding gown quickly went viral, with over 380,000 views on TikTok. The video has since received more than 12,000 likes.

A person holding a phone that is open to TikTok.

Source: Solen Feyissa/Unsplash

Many users took to the comment section of the video to both congratulate Agnes on her stunning find, as well as blast the thrift store for trying to sell the used item for hundreds of dollars.


Taking the Attention in Stride

When asked about this viral moment, Agnes explained that she really didn’t think she would go viral. She just wanted to share her great find with others on the social media platform.

A close-up of a TikTok homepage on a computer screen.

Source: Solen Feyissa/Unsplash

However, she has decided to take the viral incident in stride — even though people are leaving both positive and negative reactions in the video’s comment section when discussing the dress’s price.


Every Girl’s Dream

Agnes also explained that, though she’s not getting married, the discovery of this luxury wedding dress was still such an exciting moment for her.

A close-up of the bottom of many different wedding gowns.

Source: Dan LeFebvre/Unsplash

She said, “As a fashion lover, this was a great find to me. Every girl would love to wear a Vera Wang dress.”