A New ‘Alien’ Monolith Has Suddenly Appeared in Another Part of the U.S.

By: Julia Mehalko | Published: Jun 28, 2024

A new “alien-like” monolith has suddenly appeared in yet another part of the United States countryside, only one month after a similar structure was found in a Las Vegas desert.

This latest monolith can be seen on top of a hill in Bellvue, a small town in northern Colorado on the outskirts of Fort Collins.

A Large Monolith

This newest monolith looks remarkably similar to the one that appeared in a desert just off of Las Vegas last month. It’s about 8 feet tall and is made up of mirrors.

A monolith seen on green grass in Bellvue, Colorado.

Source: FortCollins/Reddit

The structure appears to be bolted down to the ground on a concrete pad. As seen in the pictures, this latest monolith does seem to be a bit wider than the one found outside of Las Vegas.


A Small Town Discovery

Interestingly, this newest monolith has suddenly appeared overnight, similar to how these other monoliths around the world have turned up.

A 1902 photo of snowy mountains in Bellvue, Colorado.

Source: Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

This structure has been found in the very small town of Bellvue, an agricultural community of only a little more than 1,000 people.

Where the Monolith Was Found

This latest monolith was found in this small community, just off a piece of land that is normally used by hikers in the community.

A dirt road with mountains in the distance seen in Bellvue, Colorado.

Source: Tony Webster/Wikimedia Commons

This discovery is also similar to the Las Vegas structure, as that was also found off the beaten path of a hiking trail.

The Latest Monolith Craze

Similar to the monolith trend that first started in 2020 during the pandemic, many people have now begun to travel to see these latest monoliths that are appearing randomly in the U.S. countryside.

A view of the Las Vegas monolith seen in the desert.

Source: LVMPD/X

Brooke Williams, who works at the Howling Cow Cafe, has revealed that customers have already come to her cafe after traveling to Bellvue, just to see the monolith.

Looking for the “Alien” Object

Williams further explained that a husband and wife came into the cafe recently and immediately asked where the “alien structure” was. At first, Williams had no idea what she was talking about, even though she had seen sunlight glinting off of something earlier that morning.

A view of the monolith seen in Bellvue, Colorado.

Source: FortCollins/Reddit

After the customers explained that a new monolith had appeared right there in Bellvue, Williams went to take a visit to the monolith to see the odd structure with her own eyes.


Questions Abound

Since this mysterious object has appeared in this small community, many residents are questioning where it came from.

Green grass and trees seen in Bellvue, Colorado.

Source: Jacob Montgomery/Wikimedia Commons

Williams said, “We are not aware of who put it there or where it came from. No one has come forward. The question is what is this thing? A monolith, sculpture, structure, local art piece or alien?”


Taking Down the Las Vegas Monolith

This Colorado monolith’s appearance comes just one week after the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department revealed they had taken down the mysterious structure that they had first discovered on Gass Peak.

A helicopter flying around the Las Vegas monolith seen in the desert.

Source: LVMPD/X

According to officials, they had to take this monolith down because they were concerned about public safety and the environment.


Where Is the Las Vegas Monolith Now?

After people questioned about where the police had moved this object, authorities came out to explain that the structure was now being housed in an undisclosed location.

A view of the ground without the Las Vegas monolith.

Source: LVMPD/X

A spokesman explained, “The monolith is being stored at an undisclosed location while public authorities determine the most appropriate way to dispose of or store the item.”


Who Left These New Monoliths

So far, nobody has claimed responsibility for installing the large structure in a desert outside of Las Vegas. Nobody has claimed that they created this newest one in Bellvue, Colorado, either.

The Las Vegas monolith in the desert; the monolith being taken out of the ground.

Source: LVMPD/X

Earlier this year, another odd monolith appeared on a hill in Wales in the town of Powys. This occurred in March and the structure’s appearance remains mysterious.


2020’s Odd Events

These latest monoliths seem to be reigniting a trend that first occurred in 2020. After a similar-looking monolith was found in a remote area of a desert in Utah, many other monoliths began to pop up around the country — and around the world.

A monolith seen in a Utah desert in 2020.

Source: Patrick A. Mackie/Wikimedia Commons

While many of these structures were publicly claimed by local artists or pranksters, others remain a mystery, as no one has claimed responsibility for them.


Artist Structures

Many people have pointed out that these structures look an awful lot like the monoliths that appear in the classic science fiction film “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

A reflective monolith seen in green grass outside.

Source: Viktor Forgacs™️/Unsplash

However, as some of these structures aren’t claimed by artists, people around the world have had fun with guessing where they come from.