50 Cent Calls Out New York Governor for Migrant Pilot Program

By: Georgia | Published: Feb 12, 2024

Rapper and businessman 50 Cent has engaged in discussions with New York City Mayor Eric Adams regarding the city’s initiative to launch a $53 million pilot program aimed at assisting its migrant population.

The conversation was aimed at addressing 50 Cent’s confusion about the program, with Mayor Adams explaining the rationale behind the initiative and its objectives.

Initial Confusion Addressed by Mayor

The New York Post reports that 50 Cent shared on social media that he had a conversation with Mayor Eric Adams.

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In an instagram post, he wrote, “I talk [sic] to @NYCMayor Eric Adams he broke down why this pilot program was put in place. He appeared to be on point, and on top of things.”

50 Cent's Deleted Instagram Story

Prior to his conversation with Mayor Adams, 50 Cent expressed his concerns about the migrant pilot program in a since-deleted Instagram Story, The Daily Mail reveals.

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He posted a screenshot of a New York Post article detailing the program, questioning its workings and seeking further explanation from the mayor.

New York City's Migrant Intake

The context for the pilot program is rooted in New York City’s current migrant situation.

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According to Fox 5 New York, since the spring of 2022, more than 173,000 migrants have sought shelter through the city’s intake system.

Mayor Adams Explains

In response to 50 Cent’s inquiries, Mayor Adams expressed his willingness to explain the pilot program in detail, which 50 Cent later confirmed in his Instagram post.

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Adams was quoted by The New York Post as saying, “I would love to explain it to him so that he can go out and do another tweet of saying, ‘you know what, Eric is just a smart manager, and now we understand why he was elected by the people of this city of New York to be the mayor.’”

Program's Financial Benefits Highlighted

The New York Post reports that the pilot program is anticipated to bring significant financial savings to the city, with projections estimating a reduction in costs exceeding $600,000 per month, which translates to more than $7.2 million annually.

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These figures were shared by the New York City Mayor’s Office, emphasizing the economic efficiency of the initiative.


Comparison with Previous Meal Costs

The financial logic behind providing migrants with pre-paid cards is demonstrated by the current cost of meals, which stands at $11 per migrant, The Daily Mail reveals.

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This emphasizes the potential for cost-saving and efficiency gains by allowing families to manage their own food budgets within the city’s fiscal constraints.


Introduction of Prepaid Immediate Response Cards

The Mayor’s Office detailed that the pilot program would include distributing prepaid immediate response cards to asylum seekers, Fox 5 New York reports.

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These cards are intended to be used for purchasing food and baby supplies, offering a more direct and flexible aid method compared to the previous system of non-perishable food boxes for migrant families in hotels.


Strict Usage Policy for Prepaid Cards

The New York Post explains that in order to ensure the program’s integrity, recipients of the prepaid cards will be required to sign an affidavit affirming their commitment to use the funds exclusively for intended purposes.

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Violations of this agreement could result in removal from the program, ensuring that the aid provided is utilized responsibly and effectively.


Expansion Plans If Successful

The Daily Mail notes that should the pilot program prove successful, New York City plans to extend the initiative to all estimated 15,000 migrant families currently residing in hotels.

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This expansion would significantly increase the scope of the aid, offering a sustainable model for supporting migrants in the city.


50 Cent Turns Attention to Governor Hochul

Following his discussion with Mayor Adams, 50 Cent indicated his intention to address concerns with New York State Governor Kathy Hochul, as reported by The New York Post.

A screenshot of a post from 50 Cent's official Instagram page shows a video playback image of Eric Adams, Mayor of New York, raising his hand as if to make a point during a discussion. Next to him sits a woman focused on paperwork. The caption by 50 Cent mentions a conversation with Mayor Adams about a pilot program, his desire to discuss New York's laws with Governor Kathy Hochul, and concerns about tax spending. The post has over 52,000 likes

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He expressed a desire to understand the legislative challenges facing the city and questioned the source of funding for Hochul’s proposed $2.4 billion expenditure on migrant assistance, emphasizing, “NOT MY TAXES!”


Governor Hochul’s Budget Proposal for Migrant Aid

The New York Times reveals that Governor Kathy Hochul has proposed a significant budget allocation aimed at addressing the influx of migrants and the associated strain on New York City’s homeless shelters.

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Her proposal, part of a $233 billion budget plan, includes substantial funding to support migrant assistance efforts, highlighting the state’s commitment to managing the migrant crisis effectively.