Mom Spends $50 on Just 5 Items From the Grocery Store — Internet Agrees, “This Is Not Sustainable”

By: Ben Campbell | Published: Dec 17, 2023

A mom has slammed the cost of living in the United States and fears her children may forced to live in an unsustainable economy when they grow up.

Her complaints come following a recent trip to the grocery store where the mother, Alex Thebeau, claims she spent nearly $50 on five everyday items.

Mother Vents on TikTok

Alex, known on TikTok as @Alexthebeau, shared the experience with her viewers on the popular social media app. The video begins with the mother holding a selection of items in her hands as she rests on her kitchen counter.

Alex is seen with a selection of everyday grocery items in her hands

Source: @Alexthebeau/TikTok

“This was basically $50,” said Alex, referring to the five items in her hand: toilet paper, deodorant, eggs, and two ingredients for a cabbage meal.

Proof Things Are Getting Out of Control

The TikTok clip then cuts to a shot of Alex’s receipt from the grocery store, proving her five items came to $47.43.

Screenshot of Alex’s receipt from a recent trip to the store where she spent close to $50 on five items

Source: @Alexthebeau/TikTok

“I spent $47.43, but to be fair, I used $10 of my PC Optimum points. So everything said and done, $37 for ingredients for a cabbage roll dish, which the sentence in itself sounds pretty cheap, eggs, deodorant, and we need to wipe our a– and I didn’t have time to go to Costco,” said the mother.

Supermarkets Are Out of the Question

Alex alludes to the fact that had she gone to a popular bulk store such as Costco; she wouldn’t have paid so much for the rolls of toilet paper.

Woman pushing a cart down an aisle in her local supermarket

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Instead, the mother decided to shop at the Atlantic Superstore, a decision she would later regret.

Something Doesn’t Add Up Here

As the video continued, Alex went on to argue how prices have risen so drastically to the point where everyday necessities are now expensive.

Alex lays her five items out on a wooden table as she goes on to speak about the experience

Source: @Alexthebeau/TikTok

“We’re a family of five. Toilet paper is $14; the minimum wage in New Brunswick is $14.75. You’re telling me that I have to work an hour to wipe my a–?” said Alex.

Better Off Making Your Own!

Alex begins to contemplate whether or not she should have just made her own version of the expensive supermarket products.

A woman wearing a long sleeve shirt cooks a meal in her kitchen

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She said,  “This tomato soup, six dollars, and ninety-nine cents. I should have made this myself. This dented can of diced tomatoes is three dollars and seventy-nine cents. This deodorant because we don’t want to stink, but we also don’t want cancer, $9.99.”


What World Will My Children Be Forced to Live In?

The video briefly cuts to Alex as she gathers up her small $50 haul before she speaks about the financial situation her children may forced to live in when they’re older.

Two children have fun as they play outside on a sunny day at the park

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“Because I don’t have a farm in my backyard. I’m just spiraling right now because I have three children that I will eventually have to send out into the world. This is insane,” said Alex.


The Entire Country Needs to Change

The worried mother then begins to vent on the video, explaining that the problem goes much deeper than the price of everyday items at the grocery store.

An American flag hangs outside of a brick building in the heart of a small city

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“This entire country needs to change because the reality of things is nobody is just gonna go oh I just saved about 50 grand for a down payment on a house. Oh, my God if life were this expensive when I was in my early 20s I would have died. Like that’s the reality of it,” said Alex.


The Good Old Days

For a brief moment towards the end of the video, Alex begins to reminisce on how cheap items from the grocery store were during her younger years.

The teenager is seen shopping for her local produce at a grocery store and filling her bag

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The mother goes on to illustrate just how bad inflation has become, alluding to the fact that she’s unsure how any young person will be able to make it in life with the state of the nation’s economy.


Faith in the World at an All Time Low

As the video comes to an end, it’s clear that Alex has lost faith in the world as she struggles to come to grips with how it’s a mere struggle to simply afford the basic necessities each week.

Alex sighs as she brings the video to an end

Source: @Alexthebeau/TikTok

“I moved out when I was 16 years old. Some people can’t live in their house until they’re 25. And if you do, amazing. I love that for you. You’re, you’re so blessed. But the fact is this is not sustainable. This can’t continue. So…” she gestures on camera, seemingly defeated, and then lets out a sigh before the clip ultimately finishes.


Viewers Agree With the Mother

The TikTok video has since been viewed over 300,000 times, and many people have admitted they agree with the mother’s point of view.

Three people stick their thumbs up in agreement with what they just heard

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One viewer said, “When I was a kid, I wished for things like ponies and private jets; now, as an adult, I wish that I could go grocery shopping without sacrificing basics.”


A Solution to the Problem at Hand?

Not everyone agreed with Alex, however. Many quickly suggested that the mother and those struggling must shop at stores that charge less for everyday items.

Lone shopper contemplates buying a selection of veggies from a supermarket

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Other viewers disagreed with these remarks, claiming, “So many people saying if you ‘buy somewhere else”’ or ‘wait until it’s on sale’ or ‘buy the generic brand’ those just bandaids on the issue.”