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5 Ways to Negotiate for a Better Salary Package

Getting your dream job is what everyone craves. But unfortunately, you might not always end up with that perfect job. And that’s all right because there’s a reason for everything, right? Every opportunity is a unique chance to grow and develop new skills and discover new experiences.

Nonetheless, no matter what job you’re in, the one thing that you must never do is let go of your worth. You’re one talented individual, and guess what? Your bosses already know that. Hence, you should always stand up for yourself and get the remuneration that you’re entitled to have.

Let’s go over how you can fight for a better salary package for yourself.

1. Always Quote a Higher Expectation

So, you probably know the drill of the whole job-getting process. But just for you, we’ll rehash it. When you go for interviews, they would always ask what you’re expecting from them (financially obviously), and at that moment, you must quote the package you think you deserve. Don’t go too overboard as well. Keep it realistic and doable. But, here’s a little secret: companies tell you they can only pay you a certain amount, but that’s not true as they surely have more funds to share. Thus, give a higher quote than you actually expect in order for them to counter within the range you were looking for.

2. Don’t Settle for What the Company Pays You

Beggars can’t be choosers; we get it. But that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck at a job that’s clearly not paying you to your full potential. When a company quotes the package they’re offering you, don’t just simply agree to it. Say no. Tell them politely that you deserve better. Chances are when they see your grit and passion for not backing down, they may be able to hire you with the package you want.

3. Try to Hustle for More Benefits

A company has a list of benefits they offer all of their employees. However, sometimes, those benefits are only limited to certain positions. And if you want those benefits for yourself, you’ve simply got to fight for them. Let them know, in the nicest way, that the job is not going to do much for you if you aren’t even entitled to the basic benefits. They must be called out for their unfairness. We’re not guaranteeing you that it’ll work, but it’ll definitely save you from entering a dead-end job.

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4. Look at the Market Value

Many companies claim that they pay above market value. This may not always be true, though. Before entering an industry, please make sure to research the industry, trends, and salary packages. You should see the current market competitive figure so you can compare it to the figure you’re being offered. In case what you’re getting is less, you can easily tell them about your research-based facts about the industry and the salary packages. This ought to make the company raise your value.

5. Be Kind but Firm

When you’re going for a job interview or promotional negotiation, you should wear a sharp outfit along with sharper confidence. Don’t let the interviewers know you’re desperate for the job because then they’ll just pay you what they want to, knowing you’ll stick around as you need them instead of them needing you. Hence, always be nice and polite, but negotiate your demands firmly, letting them know what your worth is.

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Travis Barnett is an expert in finances backed by 10 years of experience as a financial analyst at CNB. He graduated from UCLA's Anderson School of Management in 2010 and has been in the field ever since. Travis now enjoys sharing his business experience with others as a financial writer in San Diego. In his spare time, he enjoys hitting the links and working on his golf swing.

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