5 Habits That Will Help You Make Your First Million, According to This Self-Made Millionaire

By: Lauren | Last updated: Nov 10, 2023

According to Alan Corey, there are five habits that will make you a millionaire. He knows they work, because he made his first million by following them. 

Corey states that the first tip is to forget about appearances. His millionaire mentor was his basketball coach, who was himself a millionaire and never wore a suit and tie but instead preferred tracksuits! 

Get to Know Your Own Strengths

In addition to wearing whatever you want, it’s also important that you get to know your own strengths and use them wisely. 


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Corey says that the best way to become a millionaire is to be the best at one thing instead of trying to be good at everything. Even within your industry, focus on one aspect of the industry that you excel in and forget about everything else. 


Use Your Time Wisely

While you will certainly need to spend time at work to become a millionaire, the foremost way to increase your wealth is to make sure you spend some of your time on the things you love to do. 


Source: India Times

A well-organized schedule with time for work, family and friends, and your fulfilling hobbies will ensure that when you’re at work, you actually have the capacity to focus. 

Be Generous with Your Time & Attention

Many people believe that the only way to get rich is to be greedy, but Corey says that’s simply not the case. 


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In fact, being generous with your time, attention, and even your money, will benefit your life and your wallet. Remember, making connections and proving that you are a trustworthy person go a long way in any industry. 

Value Effort & Consistency

Over everything else, remember that effort is far more important than perfection. And by valuing effort and consistency in yourself, you can try and try again until you undoubtedly make it to the top!


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Corey made it exceptionally clear: Failure is a part of any business venture, but if you can stand up tall and keep at it, you will absolutely get where you want to be.