1 in 3 Republicans Believe Massive Superstar Is Part of Election Conspiracy Theory

By: Georgia | Published: Feb 21, 2024

A recent poll by Monmouth University revealed that about one-third of Republicans believe in a conspiracy theory involving Taylor Swift. 

According to the poll, these individuals think Swift is part of a covert government operation aimed at ensuring Joe Biden’s victory in the 2024 presidential election. This theory, lacking any factual evidence, gained traction in right-wing media circles particularly around Super Bowl LVIII.

The Nature of the Conspiracy

The Guardian reports that the conspiracy suggests that Taylor Swift’s relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is a government-fabricated plot.

A close-up of Travis Kelce, smiling. He has a buzz cut hairstyle, a full beard, and a diamond stud earring in his left ear

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The aim was allegedly to use Swift’s influence, amplified by the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory, to endorse Biden, thus affecting the election outcome. This theory, despite being unfounded, has moved from fringe to more widespread discussion.


Public Perception and Poll Findings

The poll found that while 46% of the 902 US adults surveyed had heard of the conspiracy, 18% across the board believed it. 

Taylor Swift in a blue dress is performing at a piano with a microphone in front of her. She is captured in profile view, focusing intently on the piano keys

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Republicans were the most likely to find it credible, with 32%, the largest of any political ideology, believing in the conspiracy. 

Influence of Conspiracy Theories

Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute, highlighted the traction of the Taylor Swift conspiracy among Trump supporters. 

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He noted, “Even many who hadn’t heard about it before we polled them accept the idea as credible.” 

Political Figures and Media Personalities’ Roles

CNN reports that high-profile proponents of the theory, such as Vivek Ramaswamy, Jack Posobiec, and Benny Johnson, have been vocal in their support. 

Jack Posobiec in a dark suit with a bright yellow tie and pocket square is standing on a stage, speaking into a handheld microphone. He is gesturing with his right hand extended outwards. The background features neon blue and pink lights

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Their endorsements of the theory demonstrate how influential figures can amplify and legitimize baseless claims within certain communities.

Trump’s Attempt to Sway Swift

Former President Donald Trump also engaged with the narrative, writing about Swift in a post on Truth Social, writing “There’s no way she could endorse Crooked Joe Biden, the worst and most corrupt President in the History of our Country, and be disloyal to the man who made her so much money.”

Donald Trump standing with a solemn expression, wearing a dark blue suit, white shirt, and red tie. An American flag is positioned to his right side, partially visible in the frame

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“I like her boyfriend, Travis, even though he may be a Liberal, and probably can’t stand me!” Trump said.


GOP’s Openness to Conspiracies

The Monmouth University poll indicates a notable openness among Republicans to believe in a “covert government effort” involving Swift.

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Despite this, the survey found that 57% of Republicans rejected the notion, showcasing a party divided on the issue of baseless conspiracy theories.


Clarifying the Conspiracy’s Scope

It’s crucial to distinguish between believing Swift will endorse Biden, as she did in 2020, and the more far-fetched aspects of the conspiracy. 

Taylor Swift is captured mid-performance, holding a microphone in her left hand. She is smiling broadly and appears to be engaging with the audience. She's wearing a sequined dress with gold and blue accents and a chunky gold necklace, her blonde hair styled long and straight with bangs

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The term “covert government effort” suggests a more sinister operation than mere celebrity endorsement, pointing to a deep-rooted suspicion among some poll respondents.


Media Influence on Belief Systems

The poll’s findings also suggest that media consumption plays a significant role in shaping beliefs regarding conspiracy theories. 

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Those familiar with the theory were almost evenly split on its credibility, The Washington Post suggests these findings highlight the impact of media in promoting such narratives.


Wider Trends in Conspiracy Belief

The Washington Post reports that this phenomenon is not isolated, as other polls have shown a significant portion of the Republican Party is susceptible to various conspiracy theories. 

A stylized cut-out of an elephant, colored red with a blue cap decorated with white stars, set against a textured dark background. The elephant is a representation of the Republican Party symbol

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These conspiracies include theories about the FBI planting evidence and the legitimacy of the 2020 election results.


Nearly One in Five Americans Believe the Theory

Despite its lack of evidence, the theory that Swift is conspiring to help Biden has found a foothold, with 18% of Americans surveyed by Monmouth University believing in it. 

The President of the United States is pictured giving a speech, raising his index finger as if emphasizing a point. He is dressed in a dark suit with a blue tie and a flag pin on his lapel. Behind him, slightly out of focus, is an American flag

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This highlights how conspiracy theories can spread.


Swift and Kelce’s Public Roles

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s public personas and activities have become unwitting focal points of this conspiracy theory. 

Travis Kelce in a red Kansas City Chiefs jersey with the name "Kelce" on it embraces and kisses Taylor Swift amidst a crowded area with reporters and cameras capturing the moment

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The Guardian notes that Swift’s previous endorsement of Biden and Kelce’s endorsements of vaccinations and Bud-Light have caught the attention of conspiracy theorists, showcasing how celebrity actions can be misconstrued as part of broader political narratives.